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import from '';
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You can use links for quick demos or prototyping.
In production (once this feature is out of beta), always use our main domain: is currently in beta.
There may be breaking changes until it's out of beta and we do not recommend using it for critical applications.
Only packages that ship ESM code are supported at this time. See the announcement at GitHub for technical details or to provide feedback.

Global Multi-CDN powered by jsDelivr is powered by jsDelivr and it's sponsors like Cloudflare, Fastly, Bunny, Quantil, and appfleet. This guarantees the best performance and uptime globally, including mainland China.

On-demand builds with permanent storage

Once built, files are stored in a permanent storage shared by all edge servers. That means future access will be always fast, even for files not yet cached at the CDN edge.

State-of-the-art delivery

HTTP/2, HTTP/3, code minification, brotli compression, fine-tuned HTTP caching, dependency preloading - we always use all available options for improving the overall performance.
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Performance comparison

d3 - load time
d3 - number of requests
Median of 10 benchmarks run on Feb 06, 2021 measuring the initial load time. To run a real-time benchmark with a package of your choice, use the button bellow.